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    Rate the last movie you watched

    Nobody - 8.5/10 (oh s*** who am I kidding 9/10) Critics have no idea obviously, 7.7/10 pffffffffffft. This is no John Wick but goddamn it comes close. Enjoyed the hell out of this flick, I expected much and it delivered.
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    and if you have not seen Apocalypse Now, give that a watch.
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    Thanks and kind of goodbye

    All the best mate, take care of yourself.
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    Exit Wounds - 7/10 Damn fine watch, good ass kicking classic. RIP DMX
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    Iverson auto PC pick up.

    Wow that sure is one beautiful piece of cardboard, love the design.
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    KG Book and this weeks new mail 6/4

    This is so clean, the design is brilliant.
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    Jiu Jitsu - 3.5/10 Oh boy was this bad, the kind of bad you just can't stop watching. Nicholas Cage 'C Grade' special, kind of bad. I knew going in but a mate said he was 30 mins in and still watching ...
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    Welcome to the forum mate and all the very best with the upcoming venture.
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    Aminu Optic Gold vinyl 1/1

    Very nice piece of cardboard mate.
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    Camby exquisite

    A highly sought after piece of cardboard. Very nice mate.
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    Newbie here...Best to all

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Greetings all!

    Welcome to the forum mate.
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    90s refractors, MJ, Kobe, Lebron

    Stunning cards mate.