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    2016-17 Jaylen Brown !!

    Hi, I have heaps and heaps. Send me a pm
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    Nathan Ellis and Mac Wright Ruby

    Hi all, I am after Ruby’s of Nathan Ellis and Mac Wright from the hurricanes. I am look for multiple if possible. thanks
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    Completed Oliver_bbl & Charles Way

    Charles Way recieves: JA Morant lot Oliver_bbl recieves: $$$ agree?
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    For Sale 2019/20 Rookies - Zion JA Rui Herro + more

    Hi All, Selling these lots. Add $4 regular and $7 registered post. Zion $100 JA $$ sold $$ Edwards $5 Johnson $5 Herro $15 Coby White $15 PJ $10 Doumbuya $12 RJ $5 KJ $5 Hunter $5 Nunn $12 Rui $10 AD $5 Paschal $5 Garland $10 Culver $5 Lebron $25
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    For Sale/For Trade Neale Brownlow, High flyer jumper number

    High end cards!! All ONO, will trade Neale for a dusty 2017 Brownlow (platinum or gold) adding cash your way Lachie Neale Platinum Brownlow 032/60 $800 Travis Boak Platinum Brownlow 030/060 $40 Jeff Farmer High Flyers (Jumper Number) 033/60 $400 Jake Stringer Guernsey 087/160 $60 Regular...
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    Tigers certified monster

    searched for the Cotchin since coming back into collecting 6 months so was pretty pumped to see one come for sale haha
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    Tigers certified monster

    All came within 3 days of each other so I thought they deserved a mail day! Purchased the lynch Unredeemed which makes the patch even better. Thanks for looking!
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    SOLD/TRADED Cards from Case Break of 2020 dominance

    Lynch auto sold if still available
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    Completed Oliver_bbl & Gary Dangerwood

    Gary Dangerwood recieves: Tom Stewart Green Oliver_bbl recieves: $$$ Agree?
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    Wanted - AFL Select Prestige Geelong Green Tom Stewart

    Hey mate, I’ve got a Tom Stewart
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    Oliver_bbl's Richmond Wantlist