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    Completed Nolzy & GCdogg05

    Nolzy receives Mikal Bridges prizm significant signatures red. GCdogg05 receives PayPal. Deal mate?
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    Mikal Bridges RC

    Is the auto RC?
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    SOLD/TRADED hacka's OMG I CAN'T AFFORD A STORAGE UNIT sale/trade thread

    I know this is a really old thread mate but do you have any of the Mikal Bridges cards still available?
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    Mikal Bridges RC

    RPA's, autos or sick patches preferably.
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    SOLD/TRADED please delete

    Price on the Mikal Bridges iMac mate if still available?
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    Completed Nolzy and Wonderwoman

    Wonderwoman receives Trae Young CK RC level 2. Nolzy receives agreed paypal amount. Agreed?
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    Wanting to start a Mikal Bridges PC

    Really no one has any unwanted Bridges cards?
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    Wanting to start a Mikal Bridges PC

    Looking for anything with an auto on it (as ugly as it is). Let me know what you've got. Thanks Nolzy
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    SOLD/TRADED Mikal Bridges pc available

    Hi mate what would be best price on all autos apart from contenders? Also package price for whole lot. Thanks mate
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    Completed Nolzy & Sukari

    Sukari receives Court Kings SGA auto, jacob Evan's auto and Jevon carter auto. Nolzy receives agreed PayPal amount. Agreed mate?
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