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    For Sale 2005/06 Exquisite Dual Numbers Complete set

    Have had this for nearly 14 years...but it might be time to move on. Any interest? Know anyone out there with deep pockets and would love a rare set? *More pics can be taken*
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    What's the best cards in Australia?

    Am thinking I might finally sell this set...
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    LF: Robert Covington Immaculate

    Patches particularly, but anything. Preference for lower numbered stuff!
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    Nenjabin's Complete Wantlist! - Kyle Korver

    Yeah so this hasn't been updated...but hit me up anyway haha
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    Card storage

    Sweet. So like 5 should do.
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    Card storage

    How many cards do these fit in them guys?
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    Boxes for Card Storage - Top Loader able

    Ah thanks!
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    Boxes for Card Storage - Top Loader able

    Hey all, Does anyone here supply or know of a local supplier for storage boxes that can fit cards in toploaders? I have some small count boxes from COMC mailouts, but as I am looking to move my entire collection (out of the draws they live in), larger boxes and therefore less boxes would be...
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    07-2008 Chirography Gold /25 Set

    Certainly do! And G'day Matt!
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    Completed Nenjabin and Stalstyle21

    Agreed. PayPal address sent.
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    Plenty of Aminu PC additions

    Smashing it! Get dem rainbows :D
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    Held to ransom for a PC card

    No worries, drop a line if you need :)
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    Show me your game worn jersey's

    Cheers man! Ah Horford collector. Luckily Horford and Korver don't share too many cards. Though I have a couple you'd hate me for...
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    Show me your game worn jersey's

    I have 11 Korver's :) My fav is prob this Bulls jersey: Here's the rest: