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    2021 Elite Official Thread

    2nd Ball Patch card I've seen today. That makes 2 seen in total for me so far.
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    TLA Redemption Address Update (09/04/20)

    Express still gets a package number, although I'm not sure if they are trackable online yet. I've sent express before with no issues.
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    TLA Redemption Address Update (09/04/20)

    Personally I always e-mail them with a list of the cards I'll be sending and PICS of the cards as proof of ownership BEFORE sending, just in case anything goes wrong.
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    In Progress MikeK and m_lawrence_79

    MikeK sends 9 x 1982 Dandy stickers. m_lawrence_79 sends PayPal $$ Mike agrees
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    In Progress MikeK and James422

    MikeK sends 2021 Elite Ruby 092 Panthers Cleary #07 James422 sends PayPal $$$ Mike agrees
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    For Sale/For Trade Elite 2021-2013, Traders 2021-2013, 2021-2012 Special Editions, plus various Select, Dynamic, Regina and Scanlens

    Hi Joel, I've only got the boot patch and will be keeping it thanks. Personally, I haven't even seen a Boyd Ball Patch card yet! Regards Mike
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    In Progress MikeK and Darren08

    MikeK sends 2021 Elite Eels Ruby 088 Eels Mahoney #32, 089 Eels Moses #20, YG19 and 4 x Silver parallel. Darren08 sends 2021 Elite Emerald Mojo Foran #10 Mike agrees
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    small 2021 Elite box break

    I'll show the remainder of my busts. 2 random boxes first and then 2 cases with very different numbers of non-Mojo hits. The first was pretty much as per ratios. THe second was a relative cracker. No LST for me though, just Boyds everywhere I look. Note the way I have laid out the case bust...
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    2021 Elite Official Thread

    Stupid question, but has anyone seen a Boyd BALL patch card? Are they out there? I've seen several Boot Patch cards, but not the Ball patch yet, mind you I have not watched every break from every dealer.
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    Fake Scanlens Wrappers

    Hmmm, the thread digresses. Keep in mind time differences!
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    Fake Scanlens Wrappers

    I was cruising eBay and was really dismayed to come across these listings out of the US (among many, many, others available): They'd be fairly easy to tell from an original (if you've held one) but one thing...
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    2021 Elite Official Thread

    Yes, the patch colour chart is only for the Futera 1/1s, not the TLA jersey patches