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    Justin Herbert

    Yeh groovy have you got pics?
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    Justin Herbert

    Bump up for today
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    Bulk Base Cards

    Got a few Mosaic and Prizm base here? I'll shoot through some photos.
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    NFL For Sale

    What is the tracking number
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    NFL For Sale

    Still nothing.
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    NFL For Sale

    Payment sent for card 10 days ago and have received no contact since payment sent?? What's the go Sports Collector?
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    2020 Optic Blasters (10) and Fat Packs (10)

    Nice Herbert man 👌
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    NFL For Sale

    Herbert here thanks!
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    Justin Herbert

    Bump up.
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    Completed sgt_pepper VS midnight_show

    Mate how do I leave Feedback for this?
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    Justin Herbert

    Anyone have Herbert Prizm out there?
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    FS - MJ Fleer Metal Al Millenium

    Four sharp corners, slight chips down the bottom in the middle which you can see in photo. Looking for $90 delivered.
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    WTB - 90’s Jordan’s low end inserts and base

    Yeh nice. Pm me a price on the lot? They all in good condition?
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    Completed Iron Clad Lou & midnight_show

    Card received,nice work!