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    Martin Crowe Ultra Gold Card Set - Number 1 of 50

    Very hard to beat that
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    2019/20 cricket cards

    Fits with what I have been told that cricket Australia want the sets bigger, I assume that means volume, not sure that’s great for the cricket market which is quite small as it is
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    2019/20 cricket cards

    I would assume so, all the established brands have tried and given it away, and I can’t see another new company coming in
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    Signed 90/91 Stimorol Cards

    yes a week or so ago i read every thread in the cricket general discussion and Ron certainly was a great contributor, so many good quality posters that dont show up anymore in the cricket section
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    2019/20 cricket cards

    Yes - this year could’ve been great with a world tournament on home soil, but I wonder if all the uncertainty has helped with this decision
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    2019/20 cricket cards

    Surely no one else will do it considering Futera 4 seasons then bust Select 2 seasons then gave up (and these 2 sets produced by select where very solid) Topps 2 seasons then gave up ESP 2 seasons then gave up Select 3 seasons then gave up SEP 1 season then gave up Tap N Play 6 seasons and done
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    2019/20 cricket cards

    Shame as whilst they weren’t perfect they stuck it out longer than anyone else in the cricket market and did produce a few very good series/concepts
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    2020 footy stars prestiege release.

    That’s what I was wondering. Has it become unrealistic this year to prepare, print and package a complete traditional series 2 Given so much happens overseas?
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    2020 Select Footy Stars (Checklist Page 9)

    yeah I think they have undercut the predictors slightly, probably should’ve gone down to 5 per team, or realistically they should have more for some teams than others overall looks a pretty good release and apart from the leopard background I think they all look good
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    Completed Johnlow56 and May-Z

    payment made
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    Show us your best pick up for 2019

    Won’t mean much to anyone else but being a Glenelg fan these were my favourite pickups for the year in a long awaited premiership year (2 being scharenberg’s jumper number)
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    2019/20 cricket cards

    yep they have to come out earlier, but one problem for them is the fact that the BBL squads keep getting finalised later and later, most teams only now finalising, which for some of the low key players doesnt really matter but perth scorchers only recently announced chris jordan, renegades...
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    Wanted Tap n Play 2014/15 Base Set/Odds

    i will have a full base set and plenty of spares
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    2019/20 cricket cards

    Unless all their costs are already committed I would suggest cancelling this years release and working towards doing next years properly look what happened in the ashes season and the bbl was released late, they can’t give those cards away
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    2019/20 cricket cards

    I defend tap n play for quite a few things but no way should the cards be released in mid January - they should be out now when the test team is playing and the wbbl is playing, by the time these are out the big bash will be nearly over, Aussie team is basically done and the wbbl is done I...
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