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    Some of my west coast Eagles collection

    I’m almost certain Martin this is where I sourced the sheed gold sig
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    Gr3mlins WCE Personal Collection!

    Nice going Shaun
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    For Sale West coast eagles prestige lot

    $40 dlvd standard or $45 registered
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    For Trade LOST, Fringe, The Sporanos, Tony Hawk

    Keen on the Megan markle Fri ge auto let me know what your chasing
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    Wanted - RC, #d Inserts, Sigs

    How much for Hipwood 002
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    For Sale 2020 clearance lot prestige $120 inc registered post

    Everything in photos for $120 dlvd registered post PayPal or bank deposit accepted
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    For Sale/For Trade 2020 PRESTIGE Milestones + Zebras sale

    The hp3 002 is that card 3or checklist 3?
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    For Sale/For Trade 2017 tap n play rugby cards

    Hi everyone I have plenty of 2017 tap n play rugby cards for sale or trade searching for jersey number cards in trade and gold parallels have attached some of the pics below
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    west coast eagles want list

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    WANTED 2020 Footy Stars Galactics low numbers

    Need Jamie cripps ?
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    west coast eagles want list

    Gaff wildcard obtained
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