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    Prizm Retail 2019/20 + Prizm Pack 2013/14

    Inspired by @1stBowman and his Prizm Retail thread I decided to go pick some up to bust for myself. From my first ever box of Prizm for 2019/20 I hit... and I hit that card only 7 packs in so it took the pressure off the rest of the break. From there on it was so much fun to open. Pulled a...
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    1 retail box of 19-20 Prizm

    I just have the feeling and I’m sure most others can see it too that he’ll have a similiar explosion next year to what Luka did.. from top rookie first year to top 10 player the next year.
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    Completed luluNTraed & Jase888

    @Jase888 gets Rui Rookie Ink Hoops Auto @luluNTraed gets PayPal $$$ Agreed?
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    SOLD/TRADED Rui Rookie Ink Hoops Auto $60dlvd

    $60dlvd payment via PayPal. Have replaced with a different Rui so this one no longer needed :)
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    PSA Grading

    Pretty sure BGS email you the grade if you paid for the premium service. I’m assuming PSA would offer something similar. Might just have to wait it out. Please share what they were when they come back :)
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    2019/20 Donruss hangar-

    Nice card! How much is it going for?
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    Galactic Advice

    Just got my first look at a 2015 Galactic in hand and now I see what all the fuss is about. Really, it's absolutely stunning!! It looks like a different card depending on where the light hits, it's like having 3 cards in one. It's my new favourite card/set. *I'll let @Scala share some...
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    Completed jbabz84 & luluNTraed

    Received, thanks again! :)
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    For Sale 2005/06 Exquisite Dual Numbers Complete set

    Probably out of my price range but would be interested in the value of the Kareem x Bird
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    Revolution Printing Error?

    This is the second JJJ I’ve seen like this. The other was an Astro and it looked really good! Very unique looking.
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    Completed jbabz84 & luluNTraed

    @jbabz84 = $$$ luluNTraed = Rui Hachimura Prizm Silver & Prizm Base Agreed?
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    What’s your guess at first sales of Zion Prizm silver RC?

    I can't pull the trigger on any cause the ones I see all have horrible centering. I did say I was going to avoid buying him but I have the urge to grab atleast one :lol:
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    Completed Sharpyssports and luluNTraed

    Card recieved. Thanks again!
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