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    Awesome 3 pack easter 2015 Traders break

    Got given 3 packs of traders yesterday, didn't expect much, but it produced. Pack 1: Isaac Luke Galactic Heroes Pack 2: Paul Gallen FOTG Pack 3: Hopoate FOTG ....... oh and 'that card with both hodkinson and josh reynolds' (#37/100) Could not believe my luck. Still not sure what I'll do with...
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    For Trade Nrl want and trade/sale list

    I do mate, and also have the 2013 Boyd tazo off your want list.
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    NEED GOLD PARALLEL 71 - BEAU SCOTT - Elite + other years to trade

    Just after gold parallel Beau Scott - 71, from 2014 elite to finish off my Knights gold set and looking to trade for it. Available: Gold Parallels: 6 42 55 60 76 96 99 117 141 Also Silver Parallels (Will trade 3 for it) 38 72 106 115 And Women in League Redemption (As part of a deal) Also...
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    Completed knights98 and bob

    knights98 gets Invincible 2006 Common#20 Mark Omeley, LTD Edition 2012 NSW Akuila Uate #35 and Select 2012 Rookie Standout Joel Edwards RS11. bob gets 2014 elite ma 31 agreed
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    Completed knights98 and mjw006

    knights 98 gets 2014 Traders parallels 83 and 86 and base 75 mjw006 gets 2014 elite gold parallel 37 Agreed here
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    Completed knights98 and Ben Tone

    knights98 gets 2013 elite boyd AR and 2012 champs gold cards 86,91,92,95 Ben Tone gets 09 Champs foiled signature 29 and jdc 10,22,27,64 Agreed here
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    2014 Elite Wants and Trades
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    2014 Elite Wants and Trades

    All that I have for trade from this series is listed. Feel free to check out my general trade list below, don't have much high end but there is a lot of stuff on there and I'd be willing to trade bulk.
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    2014 Elite Wants and Trades

    Hey mate you might have misread but not looking for any parallels atm, those numbers look like commons I was after. Only after gold parallels listed.
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    2014 Elite Wants and Trades

    Looking to trade only atm
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    2014 Elite Wants and Trades

    Updated with Inglis WCH and Richards m&a. Really would like these last gold parallels.