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    TLA Traders 2021 Official Thread

    He doesn't need the cash that's for sure and certain
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    Cards for Trade

    Trading some cards to help some collectors get some cards they are chasing. Please note: this is a trade only post. Trading only for the following cards: 1994 Dynamic Series 2 Meninga Signature Supporters Choice Redemption (with redemption card and authenticity certificate) Lamb Signature...
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    WANT LIST - tak35bne's wanted cards

    Check your mailbox mate😀
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    SOLD/TRADED NRL Cards for Trade

    I have some interesting cards up for trade. I will only be trading these cards for items on the list shown below. This list is a wanted list of various cards from various years for several collectors I am trying to find those cards for. Cards I have for trade are: Sio Siua Taukeiaho Antonio...
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    SOLD/TRADED Nrl signature cards

    That's Craig bloke who needs that Mannah...cheers
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    SOLD/TRADED Nrl signature cards

    Please hold the Mannah for 30mins while I find the buyer🤣
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    SOLD/TRADED Nrl signature cards

    Hi...I commented on behalf of Clint (Byrnes y13) for the Slater card. Please sell to Clint if possible.. thanks
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    SOLD/TRADED Nrl signature cards

    Would be keen on Slater and Mannah...will PM
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    Shared Predictor Sets

    Sorry for late reply mate. tigers spots all filled at this stage but will let you know if a spot opens up
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    SOLD/TRADED Trading for 2020 Club Hero Priority Cards I need

    Seeking 2020 Club Hero Priority Cards Looking for the following: Wests Tiges: Mikaele and Brooks St George: Blake Lawrie Manly: Reuben Garrick Broncs: Alex Glenn and Payne Haas Have all the cards in the attached pics available for trade only for the cards I am chasing. PM me if you have any of...
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    Shared Predictor Sets

    Chasing predictors to complete some Shared Predictor Sets. If anyone has some predictors they would like to put into a shared set please let me know and we can slot your predictor into one of the shared sets. Cheers
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    SOLD/TRADED Cards Available

    2021 TRADERS Club Heroes $10 Team Wildcards $10 Season to Remember $2 Rising Stars $1 Widlcards $2 Parallels 50 cents Toons $2 Tigers Sig $20 White Street Art $2 Black Street Art $8 Parra Predictor $100 2020 ELITE Sapphires $20 Rubies $10 White YG's $9 Slaters $5 Team Cards $2 Dally M $2...
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    SOLD/TRADED Trading for 2020 Priority Club Heroes

    Looking to trade the cards in the attached pictures for any of the following Club Hero Priority cards from 2020: Haas Glenn Townsend Garrick Lawrie Brooks Mikaele PM with any trades