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    Some cool finds while the market was ON FIRE

    Love seeing Big Ben cards and that's a cracker of a patch.
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    A big big BIG mailday!!

    Massive mail day. The flawless set us awesome, but the Kobe and Walt autos are stunners. As a fellow kiwi that AB jersey is a amazing peice. Hopefully you will share photos once it's been framed.
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    Completed Breezy & KB

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    PSA Mailday

    That is great timing. Solid grade and i'm always a fan of when the odd colour parallel's match up with the team colours. Great stuff.
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    One card but jersey numbered

    The green parallel suits the card perfectly as well.
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    My First Mailday since 2016

    Awesome. I've always wanted to add some signed memorabilia to my collection, and a pair of signed shoes would be epic to have.
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    Completed Brian & KB.

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    For Sale More Prizm RC's - Towns/Murray/Lavine/Brown & more

    Hi all, Looking to move the below for paypal. Standard non-tracked postage will be $4.50. Tracked parcel-post will be $10.50. Please shoot me a PM or post here if interested. Andrew Wiggins 2014-15 Prizm RC - $15 Andrew Wiggins 2014-15 Prizm RC - $15 Steven Adams 2013-14 Prizm RC - $10 Aaron...
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    The Motor City Auto Project

    Love the write ups on these. Cool stuff mate.
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    Bird Mail Month.

    Love the Bird stuff.
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    For Sale Heaps of low End Prizms/RC's/Parallels/Inserts from 25c

    Updated again. A bunch of prices dropped.
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    Completed KB. / Hornso

    I get $$$ Hornso gets Luke Kennard Revolution CNY rc Agreed?