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    New Rookie Pulls/Acquisitions

    That auto booker is a great hit, and awesome grade as well!
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    1 Pack of Donruss Basketball

    That is a pretty nice hit for 1 pack. Congrats!
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    Aminu prizms

    Me too, this year's design is quality. The flash really helps show the beauty of the shine on these bad boys. I agree! Thanks Skip. Not to sure of the actual parallel count but it's got to be over 20.
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    Aminu prizms

    Hi guys, I've received a few new Aminu prizm cards in the mail so thought I'd share. This is only the tip of the iceberg as I have a tonne more of these parallel's at COMC still. Aminu 2018-19 Prizm Fast Break Aminu 2018-19 Prizm Choice Blue Yellow and Green - I find this a weird colour...
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    Recent Admiral PC additions

    Some great old school pick ups there.
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    It's been a long time...

    It's been a long time between drinks but damn that was a huge mailday. Thanks for sharing.
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    First Ennis Mailday for 2019...Unique print run completed

    That is a massive accomplishment to land all 5. Great work!
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    Small Mailday - 2019

    Those are some insane pick ups. Not sure what you paid now, but during is rookie season the Fields 1/1 would of cost a bundle. Love seeing the original Prizm golds as well!
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    COMC mailday - it's a little bit Nancy

    Those are some nice LNjr pick ups. The patch on the NT is a cracker.
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    Luka Doncic Signature

    I hope it's just signature fatigue, because I feel the rooks these days get smashed with how many signatures they are expected to sign. I can totally see why some big names refuse to sign and I feel the volume of signatures the reason.
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    Aminu crown royal gold

    Thanks mates Cheers skip, I know youve been watchimg this pc grow for years! 2011 feels like forever ago.
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    A Bit o’ Colour

    Nice pick ups. The limited emerald dusl card is a sick design
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    Completed KB and Gomoto

    Agreed. Funds being sent now :)
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    For Sale Low end prizm silvers + colour & low numbers parallels/inserts

    Hi guys, I got a few low end items just taken up space so thought I'd move them for pretty cheap. Postage will be $3.50-$7 depend on how many you are after. Prices below. 2015-16 Prizm Damian Lillard Base Prizm silver $1 Noah Vonleh Base Prizm flash 50c Markel Brown Base Prizm Orange 43/65 $1...
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    Aminu crown royal gold

    Hi guys, Once again it's just the 1 card but it's pretty nice. Having issues with the flash on my phone so pardon the hazy pic. Aminu 2018-19 Crown Royal gold /10
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