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    SOLD/TRADED Dante Exum FS

    pm replied to on blowout
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    Completed karlsta26 and crackberry

    Sounds good my man
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    In Progress karlsta26 & hackadeandre

    karlsta26 gets Dante Exum 14/15 Court Kings Le Cinque Piu Belle #/11 hackadeandre gets paypal Agreed ?
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    Graded cards for sale

    up again, a couple gone
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    Completed karlsta26 & Neb

    karlsta26 gets pp gift Neb gets lebron greeen prizm bgs9.5 Agreed bud ?
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    Completed karlsta26 & tcorbal

    karlsta26 gets pp gift tcorbal gets 93 psa 10 fleer mj base Agreed bud ?
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    Graded cards for sale

    Hey guys, looking to move the following. Add $3 for standard postage & $6 for registered postage. Payment via pp gift. $60 $60 $45 $45 $40 $25
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    WTB : Dante Exum rc's

    Sorry bud, not looking for any custom/unofficial cards. Looks good Daniel, PM me a price on both & also a pic of the select when you have a moment.
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    WTB : Dante Exum rc's

    From memory the only rc is the immac rpa, pm me a price when you have a sec.
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    WTB : Dante Exum rc's

    Hey guys, looking to add a few Dante Exum rookies to the pc, prefer mid-high end, unless they are some prizm variants.
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    NBA cards going cheap

    Shoot me a price on both Porzingis prizms
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    Completed postgsl & Karlsta26

    Agreed & payment sent