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    ⭐️Michael Porter Jr Spectra RPA #/49⭐️ (Listed on ebay starting at 0.99c!!)

    Decided to list on ebay starting at 0.99c!
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    ⭐️Michael Porter Jr Spectra RPA #/49⭐️ (Listed on ebay starting at 0.99c!!)

    ⭐️⭐️Michael Porter Jr RPA /49! I have here a Michael Porter Jr RPA #48/49 I am looking for $800 dlvd registered!! Grab a great investment piece of a future star!!
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    For Sale/For Trade (PRICE DROP) 2016 Supreme Hardcourt RPA /199!!

    PRICE DROP 2016 Supreme Hardcourt Jamal Murray RPA /199 $250 delivered registered!! Attached is a the old photo, if you want close ups let me know!!
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    Vintage Cards (Topps Chrome, Fleer, Topps)

    Hey Guys, Made some progress with my wants! Still need these to remain: The ones with a number "1" next to them mean I have them already. Cheers! Year Player Series Sum 1948 George Mikan Bowman 1957 Bill Russell Topps 1957 Bill Sharman Topps 1957 Bob Cousy Topps 1957 Bob...
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    For Sale Michael Porter Jr Rookie RC /75! (Cheap!!)

    MPJ RC Grab a bargain of a young ⭐️ 1x 2018 MPJ Revolution Sunburst /75 $180 dlvd OBO!! Price is negotiable! UPDATED
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    For Sale Lauri RC Lot (Young Star ⭐️)

    SMALL LAURI RC LOT Grab a bargain! Young star ⭐️ $200 dlvd for the LOT 1x Prizm Silver RC 2x Prizm Base RC 1x Optic Base RC 1x Encased Auto /99 130point is currently down so goung based off ebay sold listings!
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    Richmond Scanlens/Cigarette Cards

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    Richmond Scanlens/Cigarette Cards

    Hey Guys, Looking for these cards, the cards in red and orange I own so looking for the cards in white! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    NBA All-Time Top 50 - RCs

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    Big Want List (Booker, Ayton, Tatum, SGA, Murray, Ingram, Mitchell,Bazley Curry etc)

    Hey mate, got a Mitchell Prizm Base RC for $95 if you need