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    In Progress Theia & jkent

    Money sent
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    In Progress Theia & jkent

    Theia gets $300 via paypal Jkent gets laird patch and Rory Sloane supremacy base.
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    2021 SUPREMACY

    Interested in the Goodwin card if you end up selling.
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    Supremacy sale

    Message sent about Laird.
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    Spring Cleaning Trade Session

    Hey mate, interested in the Thilthorpe Rookie, what type of rookies are you looking at in the Optimum series or I am happy to talk price?
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    Optimum 2021- Adelaide crows

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    For Sale **UPDATED** HazMan85s INSERT SALE 2016-2021 - *High End - Signatures - Brownlows*

    What sort of price are you consider for Thilthorpe if selling?
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    SOLD/TRADED Brisbane lions dual sig redemption #1

    Looking to trade for Crouch and Thommo dual sig (any number) and Thilthorpe dps Can talk a deal if needed.
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    Optimum 2021- Adelaide crows

    Is there a particular team or player you are looking for?
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    Optimum 2021- Adelaide crows

    Looking for optimum 2021 gold DPS for Thilthorpe, number not important.
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    2021 Optimum

    Is that a Brayden Cook gold dps? If so consider it sold.and possibly the James Rowe 20/40 $150
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    Wanted- crows supremacy & influential

    Hi everyone, I am trying to add to my supremacy collection. I am looking for the following crows cards Base Rory Sloane Premiership glory Bickley Edwards Premiership glory signature Bickley Superstar patch sig Jacobs (talk about a pipe dream) And a Rory Sloane influential. If you have any of...