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    New NFL Fantasy Keeper/Dynasty League

    Thanks lads hopefully we will be able to get 10-12 guys, always fun with keeper leagues
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    New NFL Fantasy Keeper/Dynasty League

    Hey Lads, Been thinking of trying to get an Australian NFL Fantasy Keeper/Dynasty league going for this season. If we can get 10/12 people keen could be a fun year. If anyone is interested let me know and I can look at getting an ESPN League set up. Cheers, JH
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    Need to pay off some debts - Durant Auto/Chrome Rookie, Bird Auto plus boston patches

    Hey Guys, To many debts that need to be paid so I need to sell what I have left of my collection. Happy to look at all offers and answer all questions. Durant Bowman Chrome Rookie #50 Durant Rookie Letterman Patch #250 Draymond Green Auto Rookie Boston Quad Patch #10 & Boston Tripple...
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    NBA Fantasy League

    I would be keen
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    2016/17 ESPN Fantasy NBA H2H League

    I am in if there are spots left
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    Completed skip20 and JImmyH

    Sounds good
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    Must Sell - All going to Ebay - Bird & Celtic Quads

    Hey Guys, Need to sell everything so hoping to do it here before Ebay. Any offers send them through
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    Noah Patch Auto #5

    Bump, may look at trading as well
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    Noah Patch Auto #5

    Hey Guys, Looking to move this, feel free to send through any offers if you are interested, #5 .