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    2020 Roosters Emerald Mojo

    Looking for 2020 Roosters Emerald Mojos. thanks, John
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    Elite x 3 Boxes

    Might have missed the boat - is the Graham Emerald for sale?
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    Rugby League Checklists in excel

    What years are you including?
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    For Sale/For Trade 2020 Elite

    Happy to trade for Roosters if available. YGB 16 Tigers #102 YGW 9 Titans YGW 15 Knights MS 11 QLD MS 15 Kangaroos CL 1-6-10-12 DM 5-7-13-15
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    Newsagents stock

    Add another dud newsagent box to the list ☹️... #shouldhavegonetoDiggaz
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    2020 Elite NRL - UPDATED Checklist Page 41

    Are they then selling these? i.e. sign a common of yourself, put a sticker on it and create a new ‘release’? Players could effectively make limitless 1 of 1s...?
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    The Official TLA Player In Focus Cards Thread

    Has anyone received Verrills yet?
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    2020 NRL Elite Case Breaks - Pick Your Team AND Random Team Options

    Or single if not available please.
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    The Official TLA Player In Focus Cards Thread

    The next one they send you will.
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    Rookie Cards

    Looking at it from a different perspective - what if Rookies replaced PIF cards each week. i.e. Anyone who debuted in a round has a limited release card printed. I know personally I’d rather have a new player featured for my club than the same 9-ish repeated in every release and subset.
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    Thank you thread!!!

    typo fixed!
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    Thank you thread!!!

    Thanks @Jaede, went out of her way to help - champion!
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