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    A big big BIG mailday!!

    Great collection, Those Flawless patches are unreal at least 3 colors in every patch, the Chris Paul one is one of the best patches I’ve seen.
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    Looking for Luka Samanic

    PM me if you are interested.
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    Jonathan Issac RC

    I have a heap somewhere almost the rainbow in the certified I wil PM you when I find them
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    Knicks autos

    PM sent
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    Knicks autos

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    Looking for Trae Young and Jayson Tatum

    I have a Trae Young red cracked ice and a couple points in the paint Tatums if you are interested PM me.
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    Next HOF / Immortal nominees

    Immortals: Glen Lazarus Cameron Smith Greg Inglis Hall of Fame: Dale Shearer Darren Smith Billy Slater Anthony Minichiello Jonathan Thurston
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    Looking for Doug McDermotand bobby portis denzel valintine bulls uni

    I have these, Pm me if you are interested
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    Wanted: Derrick Rose - 2008-09 upper deck gold script.

    Wanted Derrick Rose - 2008-09 upper deck gold script wanted, this is the card, please pm picks and price.
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    Chelsea Prizm lot - For trade

    Picked these up in a box break, willing to trade for Knicks card or Cody Martin Rookies that are the same value.
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    New member

    Welcome back.
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    Wanted - Cody Martin level 3 Rookie

    Wanted Court Kings level 3 Cody Martin rookie - PayPal ready.
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    WANTED - Cody Martin level 3 Rookie.

    Wanted to buy a Cody Martin level 3 rookie from Court Kings.