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    Hi mate Do you happen to have 2009-10 Classics Timeless Threads Prime of Clyde? Cheers Daz
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    Completed Holdendazz & Taffster74

    Holdendazz gets $$ Taffster gets Ewing Prime /10 Agreed mate?
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    LF Dorian Finney-Smith

    Hey Michael I literally only have 2 of his cards, and this happens to be one of them.. However, what you need for it? Daz
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    LF Dorian Finney-Smith

    Hi All Just started a small side PC of Finney-Smith. He doesn't have a huge amount of cards, but hit me up if you have any and want to get rid of them. Cheers Daz
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    2017-18 Impeccable Elegance Veterans

    Hi All Still plugging away at this set chase, hit me up if you have any available? Priority Needs: Base Set 1 Kevin Durant - Golden State Warriors #/ 25 3 Kyrie Irving - Boston Celtics #/ 25 5 Blake Griffin - Detroit Pistons #/ 25 * 7 Brandon Ingram - Los Angeles Lakers #/ 25 9 Kristaps...
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