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    LF Dorian Finney-Smith

    Overdue bump for this mini PC
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    Gorgui Dieng

    Bumping this up
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    Rookie Want List - Okogie, JJJ, Shai G-A etc

    Not rookie year but let me know if interested in Okogie prizms.
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    Completed Holdendazz & SamiFour7

    Holdendazz gets 18-19 Dieng Prizm /8 SamiFour7 gets paypal Agreed Ned?
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    Gorgui Dieng

    Hi mate Appreciate the time taken to reply but already have a few of those beauties! Cheers Daz
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    Completed Holdendazz & c_davis

    c_davis gets norman powell RPA and Kemba Impeccable Holdendazz gets paypal Agreed mate
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    LF Dorian Finney-Smith

    Weekend Bump
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    2017-18 Impeccable Elegance Veterans

    Weekend Bump
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    In Progress Holdendazz & Hackadeandre

    Holdendaz gets Bulls Misc Cards Hacka gets $$$ Agreed mate?
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    For Sale 2011 Select Infinity & Champions (New Additions & Price Drop)

    Open to offers! Grab yourself a Daniel Gorringe RC before he hits the airwaves of Big Brother!
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    For Sale Mini Cleanup (Updated and Added To 17/05)

    Hi Mate #52/99 and 28/99 in that order above. Cheers Daz
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    Gorgui Dieng

    Yes I do. Thanks anyway Brian.
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