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    LF Rookie Cards 2018-19

    I have these Bridges for $33 delivered. Includes Silver Prizm
  2. Gary Dixon

    4 Boxes of 2017-18 FB Prizm = DISGUSTING

    I’m nearly traumatised at how awful these 4 boxes of Prizm were. 4 blokes who have no right having an Auto and only 1 rookie variant. No Mitchell, Tatum, Fox, Ball, Kuzma, Smith Jr etc disco Prizm. These retail for around $150 a box and to not get one card that would be worth over $10 (maybe the...
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    In Progress Gary Dixon and bm335

    bm335 sends PayPal, Gary Dixon sends Malik Monk Cornerstones/75 and /8. Agreed?
  4. Gary Dixon

    Jayson Tatum Rookie Prizm

    Please let me know if you have any for sale. Not looking for trash players, but anything over $30 value. Thanks
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