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    In Progress Gary Dixon and Andrew111

    Gary receives PayPal, Andrew receives Net Marvels cards and Giannis Net Marvels Press Proof. Agreed?
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    For Sale Garys Cards Sale - Updated Jan 17 2020

    Please add $3.50 for postage. Thanks. Curry Press Proof $25 Zion Net Marvel, Rated Rookie & The Rookies, One touches included $40 SOLD Net Marvels 14/20 of the Set $40 SOLD Kevin Durant SSP $60
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    2019-20 Donruss Marvels

    Looking to complete the set. I need the following: RJ Barrett Ja Morant Lebron James Steph Curry Draymond Green Bradley Beal RUDY Gobert I’ll soon have doubles of the following if anyone else is chasing the set and needs to trade: Luka Ben Simmons Joel Embiid Nikola Jokic Trae Young Cam...
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    19-20 Prizm Sale

    As in why do I want his cards? I think while he has bust potential and injury concerns he also has a high ceiling. Shoots the 3 ball, has decent handles for his size, blocks shots. I find that type of player exciting to watch. And Denver breaks are at least affordable. I’d love to collect Zion...
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    SOLD/TRADED Delete

    Please add $3 for tracking (extra $4 for registered) Thanks. $20 $10 SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    SOLD/TRADED Donovan Mitchell Noir Showtime Signatures

    $50 delivered (plus $4.20 for registered post)
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