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  • Hi I only just found this message from you. There was nothing in my emails and it was lucky I looked here. I'm after 2005 and many others. Why not email me witha list of your wants and I'll do the same. Cheers. Les
    Ok ill take the Gower & Wesser Holo, Wesser 3D Shatter. 2007 Panthers Club Classic & Pritchard (plain), Pritchard & Gower Gold & 2008 Tony Puletua Modern Legend

    I was after some of the 2008 firsts also (like 1 - 5...ill have to check exactly which 3 i need)
    Dont have much in the way of trades atm but i do have
    Smiths NRL 2007 Tazos
    Smiths NRL 2008 Tazos
    and some holos and commons from 2007 and 2008
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