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    Steph Curry MVP or USA

    Hey... not so much MVP related but low numbered, interested in this? It's 01/10 DM if interested.
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    Looking for 80 and 90s rare and insert Jordans

    Hey guys, I haven't been here in a while, but still looking for 80s/90s Jordans. Rare, rookies, inserts etc. Show me what you've got for sale! Graded is always preferable. Cheers Dan
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    For Sale Michael Jordan Inserts, including high end

    Hey, PM me about the Fleer #57 RC Please :)
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    2017 AFL Supercoach League Code 690350

    I went ahead and created a league, league code 690350. All welcome!
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    2017 AFL Supercoach League Code 690350

    sorry i just posted this twice, thought it froze up the first time. Please reply to this one only!
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    2017 AFL Supercoach League Code 690350

    Hey guys, are we having a league this year? I won't create one just yet in case one already exists, but have played the last 3 or 4 years. Keen to join again. If no league exists i'll create one. Anyone interested?
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    ignore this, duplicate post.

    Ignore this please.
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    2016/17 ESPN Fantasy NBA H2H League

    Hey fellas, that time of year again.. putting the callout to anyone interested in playing 9 Category H2H fantasy. This year the only major change is I have switched from "category wins" to "most categories" meaning at the end of each week you either get a win or a loss, none of this 5-4 or 7-2...
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    Steven Adams and hard to find 90's Jordans

    Mostly autos/patches but doesnt have to be anything super valuable, mostly chasing the $20-50 range. I only just started this PC so don't have much yet.
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    Nice looking cards :) if i didn't have them both already i'd be keen. scoring kings always does well on ebay if you have no luck here.
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    Psa 8 fake fleer slabbed copy??????????

    Looks pretty fake to me. I've got a real one (BGS) which looks a lot like the top one here. The colours and print quality are the biggest giveaways but also the PSA label itself doesn't look right. If both these were taken with the same camera and lighting, theres also a lack of detail in the...
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    Steven Adams and hard to find 90's Jordans

    Looking for some nice Steven Adams cards for my new PC. Let me know what you've got.. Also any 90's (or earlier) reasonably hard to find MJs. Doesnt need to be super valuable. Cheers :)
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    Bulk Lot: Kawhi Auto, Superstar rookies, Autos, Patches etc. $5 starting price. Take a look!

    Also i will sell the lot on here for the right price, PM me to make an offer :)