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    MJ Mondays

    Love this sharpshooter set. The classic scribble is how i coloured in my artwork as well
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    Show something off

    Sold this a few years too soon :cry:
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    Show something off

    Not a bad house deposit there (only a psa 9 as well)
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    Completed drobfan8 and fastnbulbous

    drobfan8 gets: 2003 Exquisite Gold /25 Lot of 6 Amare Stoudamire Allan houston Elton Brand Baron Davis Andre Miller Shareef Abdur-Rahim fastnbulbous get paypal Agreed
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    Completed Clinton and fastnbulbous

    Clinton gets Dennis Rodman Upper Deck SE Electric Gold 93/94 fastnbulbous gets paypal agreed
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    Shaq rookie season

    There's some crazy prices for these at the moment.
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    Kevin Garnett 2003-04 Exquisite base

    If you have a Kobe you might be able to buy a house.
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    All my wants in one thread

    I think i have some gold /25 versions of exquisite 03. Or are you only collecting the 05 golds?
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    Kevin Garnett 2003-04 Exquisite base

    There is one on ebay atm...
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    Official Real/Fake card Thread!

    Ha, just checked what else the guy is selling. Everything is a gem collection masterpiece! ;p Including the more recognisable Ewing 1994 Fleer Superstars card!
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    Official Real/Fake card Thread!

    This looks pretty dodgy but it caught my eye. Featuring what appears to be ripped off upper deck SP Authentic typesetting Sprewell Gem Collection, Masterpiece Collectibles
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    Completed pawelbet @ fastnbulbous

    pawelbet gets Joe Johnson Marks of Gold /25 auto fastnbulbous gets paypal
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    Completed przemekj & fastnbulbous

    przemekj gets 1999 and 1998 Michael Finely ex Credentials (/50) fastnbulbous gets paypal