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    In Progress DaveKD & em8e5

    em8e5 receives Zion Prizm rookie DaveKD receives $ Agree to deal?
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    Completed Jimmypopcorm & em8e5

    Jimmypopcorm to receive the following: Devin Booker Excalibur rookie auto Devin Booker Absolute Memorabilia patch Devin Booker red Crusade parallel em8e5 to receive $$ Agree to deal?
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    Zubac Rookie's

    Hi, yes they’re up to date. Let me know if you’re still interested
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    Kemba walker nice cards and rookies

    Hey Adam. You still looking for Kemba stuff?
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    Completed bm335 & em8e5

    bm335 to receive the following: 2013/14 Spectra Rudy Gobert rookie jersey /75 2013/14 Spectra CJ McCollum rookie jersey /75 2014/15 Spectra Gary Harris rookie jersey auto 2014/15 Spectra Spencer Dinwiddie rookie jersey auto 2014/15 Preferred Marcus Smart rookie auto /49 2015/16 Absolute...
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    Zubac Rookie's

    Hi there, I got 2 rookie autos for sale under my thread, have a look. Let me know if you are interested...
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    Completed West Oz Cards & em8e5

    West Oz Cards to receive the following: 2009/10 Crown Royale Detlef Schrempf auto 2009/10 Crown Royale Gary Payton auto em8e5 to receive $ Agree to deal?
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    For Sale Collection for sale

    Guys message me your wants and needs
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    For Sale Kawhi Leonard hoops rookie auto

    Hey all, looking to sell my Kawhi rookie auto. Not looking for trades, apologies. Send me an offer. Thanks
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    In Progress peter1980d & em8e5

    peter1980d to receive Lonzo Ball 2017/18 Cornerstones rookie patch auto em8e5 to receive $ Agree to deal?
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    Completed Charles Way & em8e5

    Charles Way to receive 2010/11 Limited Russell Westbrook patch auto /25 em8e5 to receive $ Agree to deal?
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