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    WANTED: David Beckham 1996 Merlin Premier Gold

    Hey everyone, I am looking to buy a Beckham Premier Gold 1997, can discuss a price according to condition.
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    Shaq RC's + Jordan Metal Universe 97

    Hey everyone, Looking for any Shaq Rookie cards and also an MJ Fleer Metal Universe 97. Graded or Raw, Thanks
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    Dominance 2020 (series 2) discussion thread

    Yeah I'm the same.. Love busting cases. Especially for the case cards this year.... I was hoping for 5 or 6 cases.. see what happens i guess.
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    Epic mailday for the black hole PC

    Incredible stuff mate. Your collection is inspirational. I have begun my own collection of cigarette/confectionary cards recently. Reading your posts is just a fountain of information!
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    Old and New Want List

    Have cards to trade or can buy, PM to chat :) WANTLIST: 2020 Footy Stars Jaidyn Stephenson Showstopper 2019 Supremacy Brodie Grundy Franchise Future Sig 2019 Dominance Gordon Coventry 300 Games Case Card 1954 Fyna Foods Victorian Football Caricatures all cards - must have tab 1950 Victorian...
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    Dominance 2020 (series 2) discussion thread

    Im thinking we will see 2 different DPS variants... maybe one /250 and the other /50
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    Dominance 2020 (series 2) discussion thread

    As someone newish to the hobby.. why were the #001's not released anyway???
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    Dominance 2020 (series 2) discussion thread

    I do plan on buying a case or 2. Hoping against all hope I get a Pendles 300 sig. What an amazing card that would be.... The 001 rumour is very intriguing. Would be cool to have random old cards inserted. I wonder how often they would fall??
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    2016 Future Force x 2 Boxes

    Wow huge cards!!! Trading at all?
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    Collingwood Prestige Greens & Reds

    Hiya, Looking for any Collingwood greens or reds, Numbers not important. Hoping to trade and have a decent amount of prestige available and will trade favourably. But will also pay for the right deal. Please PM if you have any cards you may want to move :)
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    For Sale Footy Stars Prestige 2 Case break sale

    All updated. Some new cards added
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    Platinum Brownlow Predictor SALE!

    Platinum Predictor Sale! All cards numbered to just /60 $4 regular post $7 registered Brodie Grundy #56 $200 Stephen Coniglio #58 $60 Collingwood Wildcard #20 & #39 $80 each North Melbourne Wildcard #19 $60 Giants Wildcard #18 $60 Swans Wildcard #11 $60
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    Oliver_bbl's Richmond Wantlist

    Hey mate, I can help with Prestige. I have Lynch and Houli Reds + Caddy, Edwards, Houli and Rance Milestones.
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    For Sale Footy Stars Prestige 2 Case break sale

    Updated. Including Jumper Number Treloar Milestones!