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    where to from here??

    We've seen this before. I'm not surprised at all. If you're busting and trying to sell the contents that will be very hard. People will only buy the quality stuff. The good news is that a lot of stuff will be cheap if you're buying and don't need to sell.
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    Show something off

    Wowsers Pete. Epic
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    Show something off

    Well played for sure. There were some epic signed inserts in that release also
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    Show something off

    Holy crap fellas. Jordan PMT is insane. Bron Fleer Retro is cool too. I remember everyone laughing at this release. Who's laughing now..
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    Wanted 1993-94 Upper Deck Electric Golds

    Awesome chase man. Busted a box years ago and didn't get one. I thought they were 1 per box. Rough. 😅
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    Show something off

    Very happy with my recent Manu pick ups.
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    NBA Topshot

    I got a Trae 184/35k DeRozan and Pat Bev to round it out. Might try and flip the Trae and buy a Luka
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    Show something off

    Good lord @Ersk That Melo Exquisite is especially stunning.
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    For Sale Durant, Immac, 90s, Platinum Medallions

    Ultimate LeBron James /199 Card has damage, but tough to find this card. $200
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    For Sale Durant, Immac, 90s, Platinum Medallions

    Hi all, Got a bunch for sale. Low end deals under $30 please add $4 for postage. Anything over will be tracked for $7. Prices in Ausd and I'm always open to offers but some prices may have wiggle room and some don't. Doesn't hurt to ask. Immaculate Gold Birdman $30 each D. Rose $60 96...
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    2021 Prizm hype/value?

    They're always gonna be a card collectors want to own. Player performance will be the main determining factor in price rises and falls.
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    2021 Prizm hype/value?

    Why won't we get a chance to preorder Retail Prizm? We've had Hoops, Mosaic and Court Kings. Surely at least a small amount of Prizm hits the preorder.
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    1986 Michael Jordan PSA 10??????

    I've always hated seeing PSA 10s with off centering. But yeah, it's common
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    Kevin Garnett 2003-04 Exquisite base

    Chipping is not as common as rough corners. It's a very average condition copy that's for sure. The most import thing to me and other Exquisite collectors have also said, is the foil from the players name and also at the bottom on Exquisite. It's hard to tell but it looks like it's peeling. 3...