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    21-22 Donruss Fat pack and Blaster box break

    I love that the Harden card is called "Complete Players". I bet someone had a laugh when they mocked that up!
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    Old School Rip

    Love the trip back to the '90s. Emotion is such a cool set idea.
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    New to Nba Cards

    I would be very careful if you are expecting to buy one small box of cards and get a return on hundreds of dollars spent. Remember you are buying in a market where prices are way higher than they have traditionally ever been for boxes. Odds are much more likely you end up with about $20 of...
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    LF: All 2007-08 Artifacts (list inside)

    Awesome collection. I have always liked this set. I checked my cards but unfortunately none you need. Best of luck in the search.
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    Bent over by Fedex twice in a row

    I think you should probably be happy you were not taxed on the first submissions rather than angry you were on the last two. I don't know the specific Australian importation tax laws and thresholds but if it is any thing like New Zealand then you should be paying tax and customs fees on any...
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    Zion dunks and his cards go up

    Well I guess it's a better sign than him sitting around looking fat...
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    Just a finale to a 20 year chase

    Nice. The Olajuwon one of these is definitely on my hit list. Awesome for you to finally complete the chase.
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    COMC mailday

    Nice haul. Good to hear the COMC wait times are (slowly) coming down.
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    1st Edition Pokémon case is fake

    Boy it's great everyone puts all their faith in and gives all their money to these "respectable" grading/authenticating companies. Can't even check that a barcode corresponds to it's number? Now that is amateur hour...
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    New Member (NBA Spurs)

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    The Motor City Auto Project

    Some great "old school" autos there and all scoring machines to boot. (I will just pretend the Caldwell-Pope auto did not happen!)
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    NBA @ 75 Auto Project.

    Awesome collection. Look forward to following the project to completion.
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    Iverson and MJ recent pickups.

    Awesome mailday — I love me some refactors and '90s goodness so this haul is hard to top!
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