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    Motor Sport Formula One mailday

    From the Topps Dynasty release: This adds to a small PC which will hopefully grow now Topps have a license for F1 cards. Others in the PC:
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    Another nice Geelong mailday. RC, Autos and a nice DPS.

    Great to see another Cats collector 👍 Nice pick ups.
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    Show something off

    I’m showing off my pure dumb luck. I swore I sold this card years ago for $5. Thankfully not.
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    Man United maildays

    Some recent maildays... This one I’ve had for a while but it’s still the ‘best’ in my soccer PC...
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    Harden Rookie collection

    The Nets have serious talent and should be a contender come playoff time. From now and into playoffs is your time to cash in as others have said.
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    Hockey The Great One and The Next One

    Thanks for that info Luka. It’s an interesting concept so I’m going to give it a go. I thought you’d only get digital cards which is why I was hesitant so it’s good that the inserts are in physical form. Well done on the Lafreniere YG trade, thanks a great pick up for your collection 👍
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    Hockey The Great One and The Next One

    Very much the same with me. My North American collection started with baseball, specifically the Yankees. While I continue to collect Yankees and Oilers auto cards, I’ve never sold any baseball (or hockey) because it’s just not worth it. Just gave away lots of cards I got in packs in the end...
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    Hockey The Great One and The Next One

    I’d love to see your Suzuki card photos when you get it back from grading. He looks like a very good player in the making. Like you I love hockey but there’s not many collectors down here 😁 The McDavids I’ve had since his rookie year. I was very lucky, as an Oilers fan I’d heard that he was a...
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    Show something off

    It’s certainly not a ‘terrible’ collection Iron Clad Lou. The fact that you’ve kept your cards for so long shows what they mean to you as a collector. As a fellow collector that’s what I love to see.
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    Show something off

    Just read that Derrick Rose has been traded to the Knicks
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    Leaf and Razor cut signatures

    I’ve always liked the cut signatures from Leaf and it’s predecessor Razor. Here are are few faves from my PC: Johnny Depp Robin Williams Jimmy Stewart Laurence Olivier Edsel Ford Buzz Aldrin George Clooney Brad Pitt
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    Show off your top 5 favourite cards in your collection

    Tough to pick 5 but I’ve taken 2 from my Geelong PC and 3 from my legends/future legends PC