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    Mark Viduka Holy Grail?

    Mmmmm.......I think anywhere between $900 to $1,200 is a fair price but it depends on how long you're prepared to wait. Of course, the risk with purchasing 5 cases is that you may not get a redemption card. Then again, the hunt for a card is sometimes better than the card itself. But, probably...
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    Mark Viduka Holy Grail?

    Mate, good luck!! One normally comes up for sale every 2 to 3 years. Just keep looking and if you do manage to acquire one don't ever sell it!! It truly is the Holy Grail of Australian player signature cards.
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    2014 Prizm World Cup Lionel Messi World Cup Stars Card (Base)

    G'day, looking for this card at a reasonable price. Cheers Dave.
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    Mark Viduka Holy Grail?

    G'day, it was the 2006-07 Select A-League Premium Trading Cards series and it was available only via the redemption card. I'm looking at my card right now, #014 of 120. She's a real beauty!! Don't know what they're selling for but from my point of view the card is priceless. One of a kind...
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    3 x 2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Australia Cards

    Hello, I am after the following 3 Australian player cards from the 2018 Panini Prizm World Cup card series: 1. Mathew Ryan Blue Shimmer card /5 2. Tomi Juric Gold card /10 3. Tim Cahill Gold Lazer card /15 I've been looking fAny assistance would be appreciated.
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    For Sale Mathew Leckie - We Salute You!

    The following cards (primarily Mathew Leckie) are for sale. 1) 2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Mathew Leckie Cards * Signature Prizm (silver) 25/25 * Signature Prizm (non-numbered) * Orange Prizm 45/65 * Light Blue Lazer Prizm 116/125 * Red Prizm 144/149 * Red & Blue Wave Prizm * Silver Prizm *...
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    Established collection

    Do you have a particular series or manufacturer or league or team in mind?
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    SOLD/TRADED 2018 Panini PRIZM World Cup Russia Red Mosaic Cards & 2 Philippe Coutinho Signature Cards

    Philippe Coutinho Brazil Signature Cards 1. Base signature card $32.50 2. Silver signature card 10/25 $100 Red Mosaic Cards France 1. Kylian Mbappe $100 2. Antoine Griezmann $40 3. Ousmane Dembele $20 Croatia Marcelo Brozovic $25 Nikola Kalinic $25 Daniel Subasic $25 Peru Andre Carrillo $40...
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    For Sale Update - Various Soccer Cards

    Yes. Price is $78.50 which includes delivery via registered post. You get a Leckie Gold card at no additional cost. Let me know.
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    For Sale Update re: Select A-League Socceroos Cards

    The following Select Socceroos Cards are still available. 2006-07 Socceroos Cards All 30 cards from SR1 Socceroos Logo through to SR30 Harry Kewell's goal against Croatia are available. $150.00 for the whole set. 2007-08 SCards ($5.50 each) SR5 Tim Cahill SR18 Mark Schwarzer SR23 Mark Viduka...
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    For Trade Mathew Ryan Panini Prizm Premier League 1/8 card numbered 1.....Looking for Liverpool cards in exchange.

    Hi, how about a 2016 Futera Unique Superstars Harry Kewell Liverpool Memorabilia Card 37/43? It's part of a tracksuit used in training from the 2005/06 season.
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    For Sale Update - Various Soccer Cards

    The following cards are still available. 1) 2009-10 Select A-League Signature Cards: * Steve Corica (Sydney fc) 21/300 $70.00 (postage not included) * Eugene Galekovic (Adelaide United) 294/300 $50.00 (postage not included) 2) 2018-19 Panini Donruss Soccer 'The Beautiful Game'...
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