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    Few for sale

    How much is the World Cup one?
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    Few for sale

    Price on the Ballack No it’s auto and the Buffon Noir auto mate?
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    Stargate SG-1, Atlantis or Universe trading cards & binders

    Hey Daniel, You might get a better response posting this in the Non-Sports Card forum rather than in the Other Sports Card section. Cheers, Andrew
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    world select & futera

    Is the Kagawa $10 or $40?
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    Stone Cold Steve Austin Signed 8x10 BAS

    For Sale Stone Cold Steve Austin Signed 8x10 photo. BAS Beckett Authentication encapsulated. Some minor scuffing on the case only visible in a certain light as is typical with encapsulation. $175 delivered within Australia.
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    How much are you asking mate?
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    My Game of Thrones Auto Collection

    I loved the Valyrian steel release so just went all in on that. I plan to collect outside that soon. My doubles are up on eBay now! User: a035036503530
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    My Game of Thrones Auto Collection

    Some of my GoT collection
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    Price on the Marco Van Basten auto mate?
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    An Introduction

    Thanks heaps Graham!
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    For Sale 2018 National Treasures from $5

    SOLD Isco Colossal Gotze Hummels book Muller Kimmich book De Vrij jersey Luiz Jersey Ozil Jersey
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    For Sale 2018 National Treasures from $5

    Pepe redemption (1 of them) Varane redemption James rod jersey /99 Courteous jersey /99 Fellaini patch Morata patch Vidal patch /35 Umtiti jersey Gotze patch /35 SOLD
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    An Introduction

    Hi everyone, My name’s Andrew and I just joined the site today (on the recommendation of an eBay seller). Glad to be a part of this forum. I started collecting in 1992. I still remember buying my very first packs (they were UD 92/93 NBA). I treasured them like gold. I collected for a few...
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