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    Wanted Pokémon Cards.

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    Wanted Pokémon Cards.

    Bump this old thread up.
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    eBay Ends in 1hr! Prizm Rookies and Mosaic Inserts 99c

    Some nice Prizm rookie cards plus some mosaic from my break yesterday. Happy bidding and as always if you are an OCT member and win an auction let me know and I’ll throw in some extras. Cheers!
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    5 x Mosaic Cellos

    Broke my 5 packs after much deliberation of whether to sell them. Nothing exciting but solid enough, the thrill of breaking packs was definitely worth it. If anyone is chasing the base set or wants any cards let me know. Will send the remainder to eBay. Cheers!
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    19/20 Mosaic Basketball

    Ended up breaking mine. Break thread up shortly.
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    19/20 Mosaic Basketball

    My 5 showed up today. Still haven’t decided what to do, would love to break them but would also love to buy a nice PC Card 😂
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    5 x 2019-20 Mosaic cello packs

    Awesome Lebron. Great work 👍
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    Completed Cardcookie13 and FeertheDeer84

    Daniel receives paypal $$ Nick receives Prizm rookies of MPJ and MRob. Payment Monday next week. Cheers
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    All Time Teams - The Challenge Thread

    AI didn’t like matching up on Jordan, he shot 13/46 For the series 😅
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