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    Completed sgt_pepper VS Brplat

    Items received. feedback left. thanks!
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    2021 TRADERS PREDICTOR SHARES - All shares now FULL

    Im assuming these sets will start to be made up now by TLA? have you heard anything about timelines on these? Just thought i would revive the thread being that it will become more relevant shortly :thumbsup:
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    Completed sgt_pepper VS Brplat

    Agreed thanks
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    Trying to identify panthers signatures

    Hi guys, looking to possibly id some of the signatures on this panthers jersey, let me know if anything looks familiar to you. Unfortunately been out of the signature collecting game for awhile with covid so finding it hard to match up. Im thinking top left is James Fisher Harris and Paul...
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    For Trade Old School Games: MegaDrive, PS1, PS2, PC.

    Noticed this thread just now, do you still have the ps2 games? If so what ones exactly? Cheers
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    Daily telegraph poster 6/9 panthers finals

    Thank you so much, will PM now
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    Daily telegraph poster 6/9 panthers finals

    Poster has been sorted! Thanks for looking
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    For Sale 2021 ELITE NRL PARALLELS $1 each or 4 for $3 - ALL INSERTS - available @

    Hi, ill grab parallels 92,93,95x3,98,99x2 All should be panthers Send me PM with details to pay Thanks Brplat
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    For Sale 2021 ELITE NRL PARALLELS $1 each or 4 for $3 - ALL INSERTS - available @

    If the kikau ruby is still available I will take it. Let me know
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    2021 NRL Elite Case Breaks - Pick Your Team and Random Team Added

    Chasing a panthers spot if one becomes available in the future
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    For Trade Nrl magic round foam hands

    Hi guys, just got back from magic round 2021 and it was a truly awesome weekend 👍 unfortunately they did not do trading cards like in 2019 which is a shame because they were really popular. However they did hand out these foam hands to fans sitting in the team's supporter bay. I got these...
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    Magic round cards

    The only thing handed out at magic round were foam hands which you could only get if you were seated in that teams fan bay. See attached. If any interest happy to trade/sell the extras I got. Was a real shame they didn't do the cards again. They were really popular
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    Panthers Match Worn Mailday

    Hi guys, I have been abit quiet on the collecting front for awhile, but saw these jerseys for auction for a great cause so thought why not. Liam Martin #17 match worn ANZAC jersey from the Knights game. It was sent out in a nice box this time (no other panthers match worns have been like this in...
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    New Panthers Match Worn Jersey Mailday......with an added bonus!

    Awesome jersey, I was actually bidding on it as well but decided to pass as it was getting abit over budget. Did end up with another jersey though so will put up a post once it is delivered.
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    TLA Redemption Address Update (09/04/20)

    Probably a silly question but what is the typical wait time for a redemption card to be redeemed and sent back? Recently sent some out and was just wondering