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  • I was looking for trade agreement too and couldn't find it, but i think i remember you cancelling it for some reason. I have updated my trade list any way. Any way, unpack the cards, and lets see if there is a new trade we can do, do u have an updated list?
    I went searching in trade agreement thread but there isnt one there which i find is very strange as i always do trade agreements, i just dont understand why i have these cards packed.

    Hi mate im just wondering have you sent those cards yet?? Sorry to bother you im just curious to know thats all.


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    Hey mate i will actually trade you Holo 137. so that trade you put up is correct.
    My address is:

    Renae Maher
    Unit 4 / 19-21
    Grenville Avenue,
    Tuross Head
    NSW 2537

    Cheers, sorry about the stuff around!!
    hi mate just replying to your message.I don't have any of last years cards to trade and the only ones on your 2009 cards was jdc28 & the todd Payten gem card.I have a heap of this years cards to trade you can see my trade/wish list in the football want lists,so if there is anything you want to trade for the JDC & Gem card let me know.
    cheers were-rabbitoh
    don't have any 2008 to trade sorry, but i still need a few

    to trade i have most common 2009, holofoils, FS34 Chase Stanley, Todd Payton Gem.

    have u got any 2008 holofoils, foil sig, or andrew ryan sketch??
    yes i would like to trade 2009 cards. Plus i still need a few from 2008 set. What cards do you have for trade and need from both sets and we will go from there.

    Cheers Mate!!
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