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    In Progress Brian & MasterBlaster

    Brian gets PayPal Michael gets: 2005-06 SP Game Used 113 Nate Robinson RC /999 2010-11 Donruss Sapphire 19 Wilson Chandler /49 1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics 15 Andrew DeClercq 1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics 35 Vincent Askew 1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics 39 Andrew Lang 1996-97...
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    In Progress Brian & Pete23nba

    Brian gets: Jeremy Lin Stained Glass Gold and Light Blue Pete gets: $6 Do you agree?
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    LF: Robin Lopez

    2009-10 SP Game Used Combo Patches CP-TL Robin Lopez/Jason Thompson /99 2014-15 Court Kings Impressionist Ink II-RL Robin Lopez /99
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    Completed Brian & lukesicari

    Brian gets: $72 PayPal (friends & family) Luke gets: 174 Cleveland Cavaliars base cards 1993-94 Topps 148 Chris Mills RC 1997-98 Bowman's Best 124 Brevin Knight RC 1997-98 Fleer Million Dollar Moments 41 Terrell Brandon 1997-98 SP Authentic 173 Brevin Knight RC 1997-98 Ultra Quick Picks 6...
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    WTTF Spider-man cards

    Still wanting more!!
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    Looking for Autographs of Some Very Tall Players

    Still looking for these cards!!
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    Looking for Autographs of Some Very Tall Players

    Actually, the vertical bit is for the entire card, not the autograph, so your card fits the criteria. But I would like a card that shows more of him, this one is just the upper half. Thanks for the pic though.
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    Looking for Autographs of Some Very Tall Players

    I am looking for autograph cards (without jersey/patch) of the following players: Tom Burleson Gheorghe Muresan Luc Longley Rik Smits Dikembe Mutombo Keith Closs Aleksandar Radojevic Iakovos Tsakalidis Cezary Trybanski Kareem Adbul-Jabbar Peter John Ramos Martynas...
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    LF All Cards of Shaq, Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin, Zhou Qi, Yuta Watanabe and more...

    Can you please give me the number on the back of the cards? thanks
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