I used to be a prolific card collector (Rugby League, Cricket and Basketball) when I was younger. I still recall the excitement of going to the local corner store and buying a packet of Stimoral cards for 30 or 40 cents, gees I wish I had looked after and kept those cards!

I stopped collecting in 1999 and had sold or lost the bulk of my cards until in 2010 I walked into the local newsagency and bought a packet of 2010 NRL champions. I got a Jarrod Croker sensation gem insert and as the Raiders are my favourite team I was once again hooked!

I sell a few bits and pieces of Ebay and generally reinvest any cash made into cards that I want or need. I now have a young son and will be passing all these collections to him one day so hopefully he will get as much enjoyment out of opening a packet as I do!!
Brisbane, Queensland
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