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    2021 Optimum and 2020 Brilliance Sale (Price Drop/Update)

    Gold Healdliners 03/25: $950 Freo Dual Sig: $600 DPS Plat: Traded Brilliance Burgoynes: Traded Brilliance Polly Farmer: $Traded Or trade for St Kilda (other years also) Jack Steele Headliners /25 Max King Influential Allison DPS Platinums
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    2021 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    If it doesn't, double standards. If that was Hethrignton he would be suspended for a year.
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    For Sale/For Trade 2021 Elite

    Pm sent over Storm LST :)
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    Select series 2B (dominance/certified equivalent)

    Glad also storms high-end cards are suspect choices for even the die hard supporter. Makes the set cheaper :) Imagines if it was Pappy, Grant & Welch…
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    For Sale/For Trade Mixed Sale (Rookie Tickets, Prizm ect)

    Mixed Sale, Rookie tickets, Prizm, Futera. I will cover standard post. Add $5 for registered $20 Each Max Arrons Bastoni Kang-In Lee $15 Each Reid’s Nelson Minamino $12.5 Each McNeil Tomori Kounde $10 Each Gibbs-White Cistana Pinamonti Luis $7.50 Each Chukwueze Neva $5 each Stakosha Meret...
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    2021 Elite Official Thread

    I was also hoping for 2 sets of Storm booklets but TLA is only giving us one 😂
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    2021 Elite Official Thread

    Patch card is a piece of a BBQ 😉
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    What A Pick Up

    There is no better feeling mate, hope you enjoy sorting them all out 😊 haha to true!
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    What A Pick Up

    MASSIVE! Well done mate.
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    TLA 2021 NRL Rivalry Official Thread

    Also a friendly price for parents to by box for the kids as well 😊 *& Big kids alike 😂
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    2021 Elite Official Thread

    *Sorry hit rely to wrong comment 🤦‍♂️
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    2021 Elite Official Thread

    This is where I feel for TLA & player selection, I personally feel for a lot of the untoward criticism is not justifiable. - 13-15 players per team to realisticly select from. - We want the “superstars” as Australian sport is different to the US. - Cards are usually in production 6-8months + in...
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    2013 Traders Young Guns

    Seen a few also that ended up in the dreaded toy box
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    2021 Elite Official Thread

    If it wasn't for Michael and Warren, I would have next to nothing for my PC, little own being able to have/ collect the Superheros & Milestones Sets :) Keep up the amazing work :) Thank you heaps for the hard work.