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    Gary Ablett senior

    Recently sold this one, 1982 Ardmona Series 2.
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    Hawthorns cards wanted

    PM sent
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    Share your Guernsey / Jumper Number AFL Cards

    2009 Select Pinnacle AFL Captain Signature CC29 SAM MITCHELL HAWTHORN 05/60
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    Hawthorns cards wanted

    I've got the honour roll card your after, I'll check to see if I have others you need.
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    In Progress aflcards2015 & boofhead

    Funds received, posted and tracking supplied. Thanks.
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    In Progress aflcards2015 & boofhead

    aflcards2015 gets 2005 and 2006 Hawthorn gold sets. boofhead gets paid. Agreed mate.
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    Footyfan13's Rare Teamcoach Specials

    I've got most Hawthorn prize card sets up to 2015 for sale if interested. Also Hawthorn gold, silver how to play sets.
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    For Sale Heaps of Hawthorn cards for sale.

    Sam Michael Captain Card Guernsey #5 $2000 Firm
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    For Sale Every Select Hawthorn common card from 1993 to Champions 2016.

    Every Select Hawthorn common card from 1993 to Footy Stars 2016. 40 sets of cards. Includes a couple of signed cards including Franklin, Lewis, Brown, Roughead and Birchall. All in Ultra Pro penny sleeves and 9 pocket pages. In Album. $200 Firm, Posted basically what it owes me. 2016 Footy...
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    Please Delete

    Bump this
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    Wanted: 2005 Teamcoach Wildcards!

    05 Crawford
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    Only have these.
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