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    2022 Footy Stars Blank Canvas

    Hawkins and rategulea still available?
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    For Sale 2022 Prestige SALE

    I'd offer 50c per game breaker if you're interested. Cheers Ash
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    Polly Farmer Hall of Fame Sig

    Looking for a Polly Farmer HoF sig. hit me up if you have one for sale please! Thanks Ash
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    2022 footy stars -- PRESTIGE

    I’ve managed to get the Geelong set for under $500. Pretty happy with that, but maybe prices are coming off this year. Haven’t been as successful with the greens to date - I’ve seen some cheap, but they seem to sell quickly…
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    For Sale Geelong Cats Grand Final guernseys. Match Worn and Player Issue.

    I’d offer $1k for Nathan Ablett if you’re interested.
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    Geelong Supremacy 2019

    Only chasing 2019 now :)
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    Completed Ashb23 & ihateupants

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    1994 AFL Select Gold Signature Cards (How Many of Each?)

    Yes, apparently they were left overs. The cards were way more popular than select envisaged, so they did a second run. They didn’t have the gold foil sigs, so they put these ones in. That’s what I read, anyway
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    Need a Price or Value on a Card BV $$ ? Ask Here

    How much do you guys realistically think the quad goal kicking sig is worth? EBay is upwards of $15k, but is anyone really going to pay that much?
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    In Progress Ashb23 & EricPerry

    AshB22 gets PayPal $, EricPerry gets dusty supremacy. Agreed?
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    SOLD/TRADED Supremacy 2021 Selwood Booklet (Geelong)

    So last one on eBay was $2k. Would you take $1,500?
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    Geelong Supremacy 2019

    Hi all, Chasing the following cats supremacy: Reds /45 - Cam Guthrie And from 2019: PG non sig - Goggin PG Sig - Tom Harley PBD sig - Jimmy Bartel Thanks for looking :)
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    SOLD/TRADED Tigers Supremacy Sale

    Houli sold. Just Dusty left tiger fans
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    SOLD/TRADED Tigers Supremacy Sale

    Bump - Prices updated :)
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