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    For Trade Kobe autos for trade

    Looking to trade these two Kobe autos, trade value on each roughly: Prestige on card auto /25 gold (slight crease around the jersey window) $2500 Certified /49 $2600 Pretty fussy about what I’m looking for, can add cash as well etc.. Looking for: -Lebron autos, low numbered prizms and case...
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    For Sale Lebron Rookie Cards Jordan inserts added

    Interested in the black diamond... can you better pics via pm please mate
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    For Sale/For Trade Kobe autos up for sale or trade...

    Kobe auto sale/trade prices up... Select purple auto jersey /30 $4000 Elite black box reigning threes /99 $3000 Prestige prestigious pros gold sp /25 (slight crease near jersey window, I pulled it out of a box like this years ago, see pics $2900 Certified /49 $3000 UD slam... auto has faded a...
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    Anthony Edwards NBA Hoops Teal Explosion RC

    Would you consider selling? If not pm me a trade value as I may have cards you may like
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    For Sale/For Trade Rookies—- prizm silver/colours of Jamal Murray, Kat, Beal, heild, Richardson, fultz, markannen and lots more...

    Ok looking to sell or trade these: KAT silver bgs 9.5 $725 Murray silver $250 Murray green bgs 9.5 $280 Murray purple /75 psa 9 $550 Murray optic holo $110 Beal silver bgs 9.5 $2700 Fultz green pulsar /25 bgs 9.5 $400 Markannen silver bgs 9.5 $125 Turner silver bgs 9.5 $125 Brogdon silver bgs...
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    SOLD/TRADED Porzingis and Devonte Graham nice rookies and autos... prizm, revolution, select, immaculate and more!

    Want to sell or trade these... Postage will be $4 regular, $8 registered or $10 express...paypal f and f or cover fees... PORZINGIS prizm rookie bgs9.5 $300 Black gold rookie /99 $100 CK fresh paint rookie $75 Immaculate dual rookie /49 $200 Gold standard rookie /199 $100 Revolution on card $60...
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    SOLD/TRADED NBA Hoops 2020-2021 Blaster Boxes On Hand

    Facebook groups have them for around $100 del and intersports $80 a box....
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    SOLD/TRADED Hoops premium 15 card fat packs 8 available

    Sorry mate they aren’t available anymore