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    Buying all COMC cards

    Thanks for that. Why don't you let the 330 cards get loaded first.
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    Very old member returning ... maybe ...

    welcome back! Great to see you again!
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    Completed double11 and anakinleo

    @double11 to post cards as per PM and @anakinleo to paypal $$$ agreed. :thumbsup:
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    $1, $2 and $5 Lots, Clean Out Time =)

    New Orleans, Rockets and Timberwolves for me. Thanks
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    Shaq rookie?

    That is the International Version of the 92 upperdeck. Just turn the card around, it should have some foreign language, Italian is the most common.
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    Buying all COMC cards

    Hi Guys Looking to buy all unwanted cards or port on your COMC account. If you want to liquidate your cards on your COMC, just shoot me a message. Thanks.
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    Completed anakinleo & GarnettFan4Life

    Beautiful! Fully agreed!!!!!
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    PSA Grading - going off track to the one earlier so started a new one

    Short answer is the supply and demand of the respective graded cards (psa vs bgs). BECKETT even thou has the more advance grading system with the sub grades and pristine 10 grading, inadvertently “pushes” all the premium to the highest grade of each card which happens to be a pristine 10 for...
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    For Sale/For Trade I’m open to trade or sale on my COMC cards... plenty to choose from

    Hey Gang Just letting everyone know that I’m open for any deal on my COMC card. here Is the link,sr,i100 Have a good weekend. Cheers Alex
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    Completed anakinleo & jt21

    have not received cards yet, will check post office tomorrow.
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    LF Elgin Baylor on card auto

    Looking for any Elgin Baylor autos that I do not have. Thanks
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    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    Plus one I’m not sure if anyone could provide guidance on this. I do ship back a fair bit of inventory from COMC to Australia. Is it worthwhile sending cards from COMC to ShipMyCards then to Australia. Is there any cost benefit?
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    Completed anakinleo & jt21

    Agreed. Jt21 to post first as per site rules and would receive payment when cards are received.
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    BGS Grading Services - Sub Grades Disclosure

    Thanks for that. Never realised that there was that cheaper option.
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    BGS Grading Services - Sub Grades Disclosure

    Here is another example but this time, it has sub grade disclosures.
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