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  1. Bergini
  2. daverybird
  3. daverybird
  4. Raratiger
    Slowly getting back in to it....
  5. Jwoodzy0262
    Looking for NZ Warriors Inserts
  6. dufchips
    Low/Guernsey Number MFC Collector
  7. Shan C
    Shan C
    Chasing Eels cards.
  8. Chris Atkins
    Chris Atkins
    Lebron James RC Exquisite Collection 03-04 anyone looking to buy
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  9. Rodawg1986
    Looking for 2012/13 NBA Brilliance Cards and 2015/16 NBA Donruss Cards.
  10. Anthony Newman
  11. Jwoodzy0262
    Looking for NZ Warriors cards
  12. Beemz-Trading-Cards
    Not Collecting Anymore
  13. kingy
    looking for terminator 3 artbox UR2 and VF2 film cardz
  14. Aaron Holtz
    Aaron Holtz
    Hey everyone im searching for all Taurean Prince hits. respond if you have any of them please
  15. Petewoody75
    Alway looking for nice Melbourne Demons cards
  16. Darren Jones
    Darren Jones
    MJ Collector
  17. western bulldogs 75
    western bulldogs 75
    hi I am looking for western bulldogs brownlow predictor 2017 cards
  18. Holdendazz
    I Want your 15-16 FOTG Rookie Gold and Green Patches!!
  19. Dezi
    Dezi John Snow
    Hey M8 if you need Jack viney B&F from select 2017 footy stars will trade for B&F card number 18
  20. jono_footy
    Selling rugby league cards from the 70's to early 2000's