2006 Tennis - Heroes and Legends - Not Live - All available FT/FS


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Hey guys,
Grabbed a box of these off ebay to try something different. Had 30 packs crammed, and I do mean crammed, in the box. 5 expected hits, either autos or game used.

The players I hit were fairly so-so, not the best but could have been worse. Was a bit disappointed with the state of some of the cards, particurlarly the hits, as many had damaged edges or strange blemishes, such as a texta mark on one of the parallels, strange blemish on one of the autos and damaged corners in nearly every pack, including flaking on the main hit of Pat Cash.

All in all it was fun to colect something different, but won't be by a box of Ace Authentic product again unless they've improved their product quality. Having done some research on international boards looks like this has happened regurarly.

OK after the epic intro, here's a breakdown:
- 99/99 commons
- 48 doubles
- 2 Parallel commons #/100
- 2 Legend Autos, 1 Legend Game used
- 1 Current player Auto

Anna Chakvetadze parallel #/100

Vera Duchevina parallel #/100

Ashley Harkleroad #/500 - recently did a shoot for Playboy, hopefully this helps it appreciate in value :thumbsup::lol:

Fabrice Santoro #/275

Bjorn Borg #/500

Gene Mayer #/500

Pat Cash Gold #/100 - flaking on front and back lefts :mad:
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