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    League sensation teams

    Looking to put this set together, need all of them ATM! Please pm me with what you have and price. Thanks!
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    2 boxes of elite - absolute joke

    The thing is - talking hobby wise/keeping the hobby alive - it shouldn't matter who I buy my boxes from and there shouldnt be this "newsagents stock" issue. I should be able to spend $375 on two boxes anywhere and have the same chance as buying from a TLA dealer. It's hell disappointing and is...
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    2 boxes of elite - absolute joke

    Yep and yep
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    2 boxes of elite - absolute joke

    Got two boxes of elite off a well known ebayer seller, arrived today and this was all that was in them, nothing numbered not even a mojo, both boxes were completely sealed. $375 bucks for nothing, thanks alot TLA!!!
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    For Trade 2020 elite for Trade for Rabbitohs

    Would you consider selling the Knights LST?
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    Show something off

    Recently picked up this beast
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    Chasing Bagley autos

    Chasing some Bagley autos to add to the PC, let me know what you have and price
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    SOLD/TRADED 2013 elite future stars and 2019 elite Ryan James jersey auto

    Selling the below: 2013 elite future star $45 each or $80 for both registered post FS5 Jamal Fogarty 95/105 FS19 Ben Hampton 56/105 2019 elite Ryan James signature jersey 19/40 $145 registered post SOLD
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    Chasing a Jordan and LeBron auto

    Wanting to put one of each away in the PC. Have $1250 to spend per card. Pm me what you have.
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    Curry, Lebrun, Kobe

    How much for the all time draft auto LeBron?
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    2013 Elite signatures wanted!!

    Been awhile so bumping this