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    I've got Mail

    My first time opening National Treasures. I had to have a crack at pulling a nice Luka auto for myself. So much Dallas, no Luka 😭 Also got a patch auto /25 redemption of Kevin Knox and an auto /99 of Keith Van Horn
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    UFC Redemption

    Mid way through this year I pulled a redemption card of Demetrious Johnson from 2016 Museum Collection and didn't think much of it. I submitted it to Topps and realized it was a 1/1 on card auto which will stay in my PC forever. About a week ago I received an e-mail from Topps telling me my...
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    I've got Mail A Husband and Wife run it. Pretty similar to COMC but I'd rather use and give my money to these guys. When my first card arrived to them, the Wife sent me a welcome PM, took a photo of my card and created a whole album for my cards all...
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    I've got Mail

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    For Sale/For Trade Sale/Trade tread

    A few HOFers up for grabs here. Prices are listed including postage, but I would prefer to trade. Griffin: $550 Shaq: $200 Olajuwon: $200 Rodman: $120 West: $80 Davis: $80 each Rodman 5x7: $80
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    1 Box of 2017/18 Upper Deck Supreme Hard Court

    :rofl::rofl: It took me a couple seconds to get what you were talking about here :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    1 Box of 2017/18 Upper Deck Supreme Hard Court

    Just busted a box of 2017/18 Supreme Hard Court trying to get something of Ben Simmons or my PC players, Iverson or Rodman :rolleyes: Could have been worse...
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    Love tracking down cards

    New PC card, Who dis? I've been wanting this Drexler for years and finally got it!! Here's my mailday build up from the last couple months, enjoy...
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    Kobe Showoff Thread

    Back in the day when I saw this in the product hits for 09/10 Court Kings, I brought a case hoping to pull it and BOOM! Still my one and only
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    Secret Santa??

    Yeah I can't remember either but 0kramrajnoc organised the whole thing. It's probably a bit too late for it now
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    Completed Michurley101 & TwoOneNunn

    Deal :thumbsup:
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    16/17 Flawless case recap. 2/10 Stars

    I can't wait for next years to come out and do it all over again haha
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    16/17 Flawless case recap. 2/10 Stars

    Roughly $5,000. Probably didn't even get half the value worth of cards. I don't regret buying it, just didn't get a single hit that I'm happy with :cry:
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    Secret Santa??

    I was in the one on here last year which I enjoyed and was wondering if we're having another one this year?
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