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    Collective Collecting and Chain Trading Discusion/ Questions

    This is an unintentional post that I'm only posting as it will be my 500th post ;)
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    Goal of The Year Cards- PM me for info

    I'm making my own set of Goal of The Year cards guys, exciting isn't it? Will think about selling once they are made. I have details- 2015 Goal of the Year Cards 1999-2014 16 Cards + Cover Card + Checklist Packs- 3 a pack, $3.80 a pack 18 Commons # to 200 18 Bronze Foil Parallels # to 100 4 3D...
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    The best mark! Nice!
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    2014/15 EPL season thread. (SPOILERS)

    Frustrating year so far, thanks to *cough* Southampton.
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    Old Match Attax Tins

    You know what I want. It's above. Will take in any old MA tins from years other then the recent one(2013-14) PM me if you have any Tigers86
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    For Sale Wayne Schwass - 4 Qtrs

    Would be interested, but don't know anything about 4 Quarters cards...
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    The road to season 2015

    Got excited when I saw 'The Footy Show' Damn you, NRL :(
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    The road to season 2015

    Can't see it on Channel 9 TV guide :( But then I only watch the Footy Show.
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    2014 Trade Thread Updates *All Rumours, Agreements & Fallen Trades On Here!*

    I'll start this off- RECENT NEWS- James Frawley preferring Hawks over Cats Frawley's Teammate Mitch Clark set to join Cats Shaun Higgins & Liam Jones quitting the dogs Heritier Lumumba preferring Demons, paving way for James Frawley to leave Dayne Beams wanting to go back to Queensland Add all...
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    "Champions" of the Modern AFL Era 2000-2014

    Yes, those are stats!
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    Seeking Old AFL Club Membership Cards

    Seeking the above, old AFL Membership Cards, 1960- If you have, please refer to my tradelist in my Signature.