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    For Trade 2019 Footy Stars Team Logo's

    Looking to trade for Hawthorn logo's, all ten for the Hawthorn set, willing to trade individually as well.
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    2019 footy stars 1st box for the year plus a lucky album hit

    Nice interested to hear if anyone else has luck pulling something good from either album or value packs.
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    In Progress Angry and Theia

    Theia receives Hawthorn 2013 premiership redemption set Angry gets paypal Agreed?
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    For Sale/For Trade AFL HALL OF FAME Complete Set of all 5 Series + Album

    Looking to mainly sell but I'm open to trading/offers ~ AFL HALL OF FAME Complete Set of all 5 Series + Album $350 Looking to sell/trade a AFL Select Grant Birchall Certified Signature Card for $/Paul Puopolo Certified Signature Looking to trade a 2017 Regal AFL Greats of the Game Andrew Collins...
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    Competition Want to win a box of Tap N Play BBL Cricket Cards?

    Though the one posted above is just stunning. Heat fan despite being a Victorian, Lynn and McCullum are far too entertaining not to love.
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    Completed chensanity and Theia

    Theia gets ~ 2008 Select Ben McEvoy Draft Pick Signature Gold, 2015 Select Honours Hawthorn Redemption Set, 2009 Select Pinnacle Ryan Schoenmakers Draft Pick Signature. Chensanity gets ~ Paypal Agree?
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    Here's A Lazy Sunday Post. What is the most money you have paid for an AFL card?

    $85 for a Tom Mitchell Signature Rookie, manage to hold back my impulse urge to buy a few of the more expensive Sam Mitchell cards, will break soon enough.
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    Wanted Hawthorn Cards

    Sam Mitchell top prospect signature 2012 Select Eternity Draft Pick Signature Hill Infinity Draft Pick Signature card Isaac Smith 1998 signature series Trent Croad Draft Pick Signature Honours Draft Pick Signature Card James Sicily Sam Mitchell Future Hall Of Fame Sam Mitchell Footy's Finest...
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    For Sale Sam Mitchell top prospect signature

    Is this still up for sale?
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    2018 Over & 2019 Collecting Goals

    What was your highlight for 2018? Return of the draft pick signature in the Legacy release What was your biggest disappointment for 2018? Tie between Future Force being dumped and Luke Hodge FOH being in a Brisbane jumper, the actual **** What are your collecting goals for 2019? Sam Mitchell...
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    Show us your best pick-up in 2018!

    Finally got back into collecting cards, pick up a few nice Draft Signatures. Not highest valued card but easily my favourite.
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    Legacy 10 Packs

    The gamble certainly paid off, almost cleaned the box.
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    In Progress Theia and Streety91

    Theia receives Andrew Brayshaw Legacy Draft Signature Streety91receives $$$ via paypal Agreed?
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    Need a price on a card?

    Anyone know the rough price on a full set of the 2003 Hall of Fame series 2?
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