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    Beckett Pricing for cards

    The one thing I've found with eBay (and why I never buy off there) is it seems to be - largely - a haven for investors. The scum of our hobby who will buy in major bulk (boxes, cases) get the top stuff out of it to hold for a later date then sell the rest at higher prices to make up what they...
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    Is Panini trying to get out of fulfilling all future redemptions?

    Hmmm, maybe I'm reading this differently from others but it seems to me that the plaintiff's (Braesher and Kitchen) are the ones arguing the validity of redemption contracts and panini is trying to say that redemptions are under obligatory contract circumstances. That's just my take on it.
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    Who's your breakout prediction for this season?

    I'm with Matt26, Patty Mills. More playing time, senior point guard ahead of carter and has more space to play his own game. Plus, if Nash plays Mills and his perennial team mate, Lamarcus Aldridge together, the two know each other's games intimately. You couldn't a better secondary duo.
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    Stolen/Missing NBA Cards - PSA slabs

    No probs. I've been scammed myself, so I know the feeling.
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    Stolen/Missing NBA Cards - PSA slabs

    Sucks that there are arse holes like that out there who sully the trading market. I'd keep an eye out on ebay and other forums/selling sites for the cards and warn people (if it's possible) that the cards are stolen goods and the guy's a scammer.
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    Stolen/Missing NBA Cards - PSA slabs

    The guy who "sent" the cards has his scam down pat by the sounds of it. He's covering all bases so he looks like the innocent party. Do not be surprised if he turns around and files a claim against you, op.
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    Stolen/Missing NBA Cards - PSA slabs

    I was gonna say the same thing. Op got jipped by a dodgy seller.
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    Thoughts on kyrie Irving not wanting to get the covid 19 vaccination

    Just read an article where kyrie is reluctant to get the Vax. Personally, I think it's a bit selfish of him considering he knows one of his team mates has a heart condition (Lamarcus Aldridge). Your thoughts #
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    Ben Simmons Saga

    Can't really say how his nba situation will pan out, but I can see it affecting his cars values drastically - for the negative.
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    93-94 Upperdeck Jumbo’s

    I think you'll find they're classed as 1993-94 Upper Deck Walmart jumbos.
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    Hi all. New here, please be gentle 😬

    Don't know about cases, but for boxes, definitely.
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    Completed jkidd05 & taffster74

    All good.
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    Need a Price or Value on a Card BV $$ ? Ask Here

    Yep. At least you've got info for an ebay search.