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    For Sale 2020 traders / elite

    2020 traders priority street art 18/30 $50 Street art black $15 each Street art silver $5 each Bronze sig $20 Club hero $15 each Str $1 each Rabbits 2018 predictor #93 $30 Crichton ruby 40/40 $20 Silver league leaders $4 each Bronze league leaders $2 each Also have heaps of parellels 40c...
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    For Sale 2020 eels predictor

    Eels predictor $90 delivered registed
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    For Trade 2020 traders

    Fergo is gone mate it was 22/30 only have fisher harris left
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    2020 traders

    Wanting to trade or buy the following cards to finish my traders set Junior paulo authentic Club hero priority alex glenn Club heroes 11,17,19,26,31 Str 45 Any help is appreciated thanks
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    For Trade 2020 traders

    Looking to trade cards in pics Want list Junior paulo authentic Club hero cards 11, 17,19,26,31 Str 45 Also have heaps of ips from numerous years and a lot of low end 2020 traders pm if chasing anything inparticular
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    For Sale 2020 traders

    Dale finucane authentic sig 59/100 $150 Blake ferguson street art priority 22/30 $90 James fisher harris street art priority 18/30 $70 Titans predictor177/220 $80 Kikau bronze $20 Maloney retirement Street art black $15 Street art $5 Club hero $15 Silver hobby cards $5 Bronze $3 Yellow toon...
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    SOLD/TRADED 2020 traders

    Have the following for sale or trade Will swap any cards for startoons any colour Priority club hero manly jake trobojevic 14/15 $150 or trade for moses , glenn Priority street art eels ferguson 22/30 $100 Priority street art penrith fisher harris 18/30 $80 Authentic storm dale finucane...
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    2020 traders eels numbered cards

    Im after 2020 traders numbered eels cards have plenty to trade or happy to buy Any help is appreciated thanks thanks
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    SOLD/TRADED 2020 traders

    will trade any cards for toons , street art or eels equivalents retirements $20 each club heros $25 each street art black $20 each startoons $8 each street art $15 each toon green $8 each signiture bronze $20 each hobby starter cards silver $6each hobby starter bronze $4each magic...
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    SOLD/TRADED 2020 traders

    Have the following cards for trade looking for eels equivalents also startoons and street art cards
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