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    Saints cards

    I have 2016 Gresh rookie,2016 predictors Bruce and Armitage
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    For Sale/For Trade 2017 regal century signatures/commons

    Do you have pics of the signatures you have for trade? Will check what spare sigs i have
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    Prestige, Future Force 2017 and Hawthorn Misc

    I have a Gunston platinum standup
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    For Trade Prestige for trade

    I have ER38 Mitchell and Red 109 Smith I need ER15 Pendlebury and Red 35 Beams Cheers
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    Oliver_bbl's Richmond Wantlist

    I have a Vlastuin green and Riewoldt and Stack reds
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    Tom Lynch (Gold Coast) Guernsey Card

    I have one
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    For Trade 2019 BPG Low number

    Still can't find it but i know it's here somewhere
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    Dusty 004’s

    Nice draft signature 004, i got that one out of a box here in Perth.
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    Wanted - RC, #d Inserts, Sigs

    I have 2 Certified 2016 rookie cards Doedee 204/240 and Hipwood 002/240
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    Supremacy wanted

    I have these premiership glory signatures for sale Barry Hall 19/40 Sam Kekovich 2/40 Daniel Kerr 39/40
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    Prestige Freo 001/JN’s

    I have a 001 holofoil from Legacy of Nathan Wilson if interested.
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    For Trade 2019 BPG Low number

    I think i have a Silvagni rookie card
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    Footy Stars Prestige Sale

    I have Duncan,Hawkins,O'Connor and Menegola reds
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    Do you have a Sloane Brownlow Predictor May be able to do a 3 way trade for a Kennedy
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