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    Jumper Number

    Not a bad player to get a jumper number of
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    For Sale Tom Mitchell dominance and hawks dps 004

    Cards put away. These will be hard to find In the future
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    For Sale $20 dlvd

    These cards $20 dlvd Also have a hawks dominance and dps 004 for $400 the pair PayPal prefered
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    North Melbourne, TeamCoach, Select Legacy etc

    Have this low numbered Higgins $10 posted if interested
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    Please delete thread

    Daniel talia low number sold
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    For Sale/For Trade Dominance Josh Jenkins auto 2004 Graham johncock auto. Vandenberg gold gotg.

    Those rookies that the guy bought above are they still avaliable seem to have gone through a few pairs of hands
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    Completed old-timers, mabb95

    Normal is fine with me
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    For Sale 2019 Dominance Predictors, Rookies

    Pm me to finalise a trade when you can
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    For Sale 2019 Dominance Predictors, Rookies

    @old-timers Still want to do a deal
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    For Trade Legacy low numbers

    $25 posted the lot (Port sold)
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